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For twenty years all over Cheshire I built extensions, large and small, and the occasional bespoke house. I spent a good deal of my time costing work from drawings and specifications, that in many cases, were not all they should be. I decided I could do better.

A little over ten years ago I submitted my first planning and building regulation application for an extension to a bungalow in Goostrey, Cheshire. My building company did the construction work. Since then I have prepared and submitted many planning and building regulation applications, some for clients of my building company, and many others for projects that have been built by other contractors. Nearly three years ago I gave up building to concentrate full time on architectural services and planning consultancy.

For most of that time drawings were created with ink on drafting film on a drawing board. More recently I have taken to computer aided drawing. The creation of the first draft of a drawing takes a similar time as it would by hand, but later amendments are much easier and faster. I can produce high quality prints up to A1 size in house, no time wasted taking files on memory sticks to print bureaus.