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You do not yet need permission to rearrange your furniture if you live or work in a listed building but, quite rightly, if you want to alter it in any way, externally or internally, or extend it, you must seek listed building consent from your Local Authority.

Listed buildings are a precious and finite asset and it is essential that they are preserved, but listing should not fossilise a building. Well considered schemes for sympathetic alteration and extension that respect and enhance the original building will be very carefully considered by imaginative local authority planning and conservation officers. They appreciate that almost without exception,  people that live in listed buildings do so because they appreciate and respect them and often expend considerable sums year on year caring for them.

I live in a listed building which I have altered and I have obtained listed building consent for clients for alteration, extension and change of use of their listed buildings.

Grade II listed stables, groomsmen’s cottages and other associated outbuildings changed into eight dwellings.